iRacing Stats App

Soon after starting my iRacing addiction, my obsession with tracking statistics also kicked in. To begin with I was manually downloading the results CSV files and importing them into a google spreadsheet. Obviously this became tedious very quickly, so I went about investigating a way to automate the process.

The result is an application which I've programmed that at the click of a button will connect to the iRacing webserver and download results and information from all your races, qualifying, time trials and practice sessions. With all this data sucked down into a local database it then analyzes it all and formats the output into graphs and tables.

Beyond allowing the driver to track their progress in a variety of metrics such as Safety Rating, iRating and Corners Per Incident, it also surfaces interesting information such as which cars and tracks you're performing the best at and where you're struggling with others.

Development is on going and I'm currently testing it with a group of beta testers. Below are some screenshots from

iRacing Stats - Jan 2015


  1. Looking forward to the beta release

  2. This looks great on the screenshots. Would love to have something like this.

  3. Looks like exactly what I was searching for. I'm just getting into iRacing again and my stats obsession needs feeding too! Any word on a release date? I see this has been in Beta for a while.

  4. Just stumbled across this. Did it get any further?